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The Tannenhof-Foundation is a non-profit, public foundation under civil law. Founded in 2018 by Ursula Fritzsching as a support foundation.

Through her personal experience with her sister’s physical and mental disability, Ursula Fritzsching committed herself in her youth to working with disadvantaged and drug-addicted young people. Thoses experiences led her to the study of social education and her continuous work with children with special needs, paving the way for the future.

Ursula Fritzschings husband Klaus grounded a foundation to be used after his death for the specific purpose to provide development programmes for the employees of his former company. Following his passing Ursula Fritzschings greatest wish was to bring to life a non-profit foundation.

The main purpose of the Tannenhof-Foundation is to for young people and care for elderly as well as education and training with the slogan „Help for self-help“. We open to the promotion of other social projects. Our long term goal is to give everyone a lasting opportunity to shape his own life and thereby contribute to the realisation of social justice.

In 1979 Ursula and Klaus Fritzsching chose the Tannenhof in Kirchzarten as their working base and thus taking a piece of historical responsibility. During the careful restoration of the 17th–century estate, the old stables were transformed to house competition horses. The participation in national and international equestrian competitions stood in the foreground.

Since the passing of her husband, Ursula Fritzsching changed the main purpose of the estate. The careful coexistence of different people, animal and nature give Tannenhof a special and unique character.

Therefore it is only fitting that the Tannenhof should serve as the namesake of the newly founded foundation.

Ursula Fritzsching wishes to preserve a piece of paradise in Tannenhof through the contact with different people, animal and nature.

One waits for time to change, the other tackles it vigorously and acts!
(attributed to Dante Alighieri)

Mrs. Ursula Fritzsching

Mr. Daniel Schuler, solicitor in Freiburg

The projects are chosen by the head of the foundation.

The foundation has a board of Trustees that provides advice and support.

The foundation is subject to permanent legal supervision by the foundation supervision of Baden-Württemberg.

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